Brothers and Sisters Triple LP

$ 25.00

This is Brothers and Sisters, a summary of the sound of Mister Saturday Night Records to date. This special triple vinyl LP contains all the as yet unreleased tracks that appear on the CD – music from Archie Pelago, Boya, Dark Sky, General Ludd, Gunnar Haslam and Keita Sano made specifically for this release. The records are held in a full color, heavy-weight jacket with full-color inner sleeves.

There is also a full 25 song digital version available on CD here in the webstore or on iTunes.


LP Tracklisting:

A1. Archie Pelago - Cinema Club
A2. Dark Sky - Clear
B1. General Ludd - C

C1. Boya - Dawn Corner
C2. Archie Pelago - The House of Haab
D1. Dark Sky - IYP

E1. Gunnar Haslam - Kenosha (Amytal)
E2. Keita Sano - Ingram
F1. Keita Sano - Drummer Trix

All Tracks Previously Unreleased.

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